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First-Year Writing Seminars: Example Templates and Activities: Find Articles

Accessing Full Text of Articles

Some article databases provide full text while most only provide references to articles.  Look out for the purple "Find it @ NU" button Find it at NU button among your database search results.

Database Searching Activities

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Communication Studies

Select a Subject Database: Some Considerations

Subject databases are diverse in their content and structure, responding to the needs of the different disciplines they serve, and the characteristics of the research material included in the database. 


  1. Look for an NU Libraries Course GuideLinks to an external site., or Research GuideLinks to an external site., created by the relevant NU subject librarianLinks to an external site..  The librarians create these guides to recommended good starting places for research based on your course assignment or the broad subject area (think at the level of academic departments here at NU).
  2. What type of materials you need to use for your research/project?  A description is provided for each database which may address one or more of the following:
    • Peer reviewed articles that report research results using methods appropriate to the discipline/subject area
    • News articles that report on events, people, places
    • Other research publications such as dissertations, conference proceedings, policy white papers, government publications, etc.
    • Government rules, regulations, laws, court decisions, etc.
    • Audio/visual resources such as film (documentary or feature film), radio or TV broadcasts, musical recordings or scores.

The content and images on this page were developed by Anne Zald,, Northwestern University Libraries.

Google Scholar: Settings for accessing NU Library content

Note the screen shots below to help you set up your Google Scholar to access NU Library full text content.

Click on the three stacked lines in the upper left.  Then choose settings in the lower left.

Choose Library links under Settings.  Then search for Northwestern University and select it.

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