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JOUR-390-0: Tackling Tough Subjects Through Research and Children's Books (Lee): eBooks

Tackling Tough Subjects through Research and Children’s Books

Accessing eBooks

The list of eBooks for the class can be found here. There is a link to record in the spreadsheet. When you click it log in if you are not already logged in. From there you will see a link under 'Full text availability', clicking that will take you to the the system to view the eBook.

Accessing HathiTrust Books

For eBooks that are listed as available via Hathi Trust Access you will find a link that reads 'Full Text Available at hathiTrust' near the top of the record under that title information.

That link will take you to the HathiTrust system; scroll to the end of the record and click the link titled 'Temporary access'

On the next page select 'Check Out'

From there you will be taken to the book to read. When you are done be sure to select 'Return Early' so that others can use it.