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ART_HIST_340: Baroque Art: Italy & Spain 1600-1750 (Fall 20: Escobar): Databases

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (detail)
Sant Maria della Vittorio, Rome


As with journals, there are several databases applicable to art history. Most will index many different sources of information, and cover a wide range of periods, artist, themes, etc. The easiest way to access a particular database for a given subject is the following:

  • From the University Library homepage, go to Find, Borrow, RequestDatabases A-Z
  • This will take you to an A-Z list of all the databases to which the University subscribes. 
  • From the All Subjects box, select Art & Architecture. The resulting list can then be searched alphabetically.

Each database includes a brief description, so you don't find yourself searching for Rubens in a database devoted to 20th century conceptual art, for example. Although space precludes a full list of relevant databases, some of the most popular include:​