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ENGLISH 282: Writing and Speaking in Business

Industry Research

Through the resources below, you can find handbooks, reports, trade journal articles and academic/scholarly articles about various industries.  If you'd like to go beyond what is listed on this page, there are additional industry databases listed at the NU Libraries Industries Guide and also a more complete list of Business research databases listed at Business Databases A to Z

Finding industry background and overviews

Additional Industry research resources can be found at NU Libraries Industry Research Guide

Market and Consumer-based Research

Background Sources, Books

Examples of books that offer background on industries could be handbooks, encyclopedies or other similar sources.  For example:

You can begin to discover sources like those by searching within NUsearch, the Libraries' search tool, for books and other sources.  One possible approach could be a keyword search like that below, but there are other strategies too.

NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

NAICS consists of code numbers that are assigned to various industries, products and services. You can search many library databases, such as Business Source Premier and others, by limiting to specific NAICS codes in order to find articles or reports on that industry.  For example 522110=Commercial Banking industry.
Look up codes: NAICS

Finding articles and news about specific industries

Quick Statistics