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DataBank: Serials - Library Journal: Cost Projections

LJ Periodicals Price Surveys

Cost Projections

What: periodicals price survey
Where: Library Journal
When: April-May issue

Every April or May, Library Journal provides both data and current information about concerns in the journals marketplace that might have an impact on prices in the coming year. Although the title occasionally changes, this feature usually contains at least the words "periodicals survey."

There are many potential uses for the data and narrative including assistance in the preparation of library budgets or budget proposals.

The analysis includes figures on the likely rate of increases (or decreases, if ever there is such a thing) in journal prices. The data is gathered from the following:

  • ISI databases: Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Sciences Citation Index, and the Social Sciences Citation Index.
  • Ebsco: Academic Search Premier

With knowledge of the parameters and limitations of these datasets in comparison to any given library's local collection, it is advisable to use these analyses in conjunction with the reports by Ebsco and Swets. In combination, these reports furnish some degree of certitude in the uncertain future of journal pricing.