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DataBank: ILL - Books: Highlights

Highlights of Works Not Owned by NUL & Received via ILL

* There were 6156 Unique Publications, published since 1990 and not owned by NUL, Requested through Interlibrary Loan in FY11-FY12. 

* Most of these Unique Publications borrowed in FY11-FY12 were only a few years old--published in the Year 2009 or More Recently.

* English Language Publications far out numbered (at 89%) publications in Other Languages. German was the second-most common language (far back in the field at 2%).

* 44% of all Publications fell into just 12% (6 out of 50) of all Subjects: Art & Architecture, Business, English, History, Political Science, and Sociology. 

* About 84% (or 74) of the Publications identified as Social Sciences-General were books on Research Methods and Statistics. 

* About 5% (or 317) of the publications fall into subject areas that are not assigned, i.e., Unassigned, to any (INU) Subject Specialist.

* Of those Unassigned works, Over 50% are classified as Medicine. Another 25% are Personal Health (also classified in Science call number ranges) such as Home economics, popular books on diet and exercise, etc.

A Joint Project of:

The Department of Electronic Resources & Collection Analysis (Administrative and Collections Services Division) and the Resource Sharing and Reserve Services Unit of the Department of Access Services (Public Services Division).  2/2013.


If you need more information about specific titles/requests before making decisions based on this data, please contact Kurt Munson, Resource Sharing & Reserve.