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Zotero Support: Syncing pdf files with Zotero server

Syncing pdf files

Syncing pdf files and other attachements will enable you to access your attached files in the same way you can access your Zotero library from any computer with Internet and the Firefox browser.

Zotero is allowed up to 300MB of free Zotero file storage for attached files (you may also purchase more space).

You will need to be using Zotero 2.0b7 or later to sync files

  1. Click on the Zotero tools button and select Preferences from the drop down menu:
  2. Select the Sync button in the Zotero preferences window:
  3. Under File Syncing select both check boxes and select Zotero from the drop down menu . Next select the OK button:

For more information on syncing pdf and other file attachments see Zotero support