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Zotero Support: Using Zotero with Google Docs

Using Zotero to format papers in Google Docs

Although you cannot use the Word plug in and Zotero toolbar in Google docs you can still use Zotero to format Google docs. Below are instructions for doing this. There is also information on this topic available at

  1. In the Zotero interface locate and click on the gear icon and then select Preferences from the drop down list:
  2. Next click on the Export button in the preferences window:
  3. Under Export choose the default style and then click on the OK button:
  4. To add in text citations to your document place the cursor at the end of the sentence in your document where you want the citation to be located. Next, drag the citation from Zotero, while holding down the shift key, into the Google doc:
  5. The citation will now be inserted in whatever style you have chosen (in this case APA):
  6. To insert a bibliography select all of the citations in Zotero that you want to include and drag them into the document in the location where you want the bibliography to appear (do not hold the shift key down):
  7. You should now have a formatted bibliography in your Google doc: