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SPANISH_105-6: Jewish Voices of Spain (Rosenberg): Finding books and reference entries

Librarians created this course guide specifically for YOU to succeed in FYS Spanish_105-6 'Jewish Voices of Spain'

Books and reference articles on Ladino music

When doing a search in NUSearch, try using all the phrases that can describe Ladino music, including Ladino, Judeo-Spanish, and/or Sephardic music from Spain or the Iberian Peninsula (or Turkey, Greece, Morocco, etc.). You can also do the same for any instruments that may have variant spellings, and search for composers and musicians by name.

I Just Want to Look Around! AKA Browsing NUsearch

This video will show you how to use NUsearch to browse for materials by topic or author. 


Finding a Book at the Library: AKA Using NUsearch

This video will show you how to find and request a book from the library.


Reference sources

Finding Books in NUSearch

The short video tutorials on the left side of this page provide quick overviews on how to either browse NUSearch or find specific books in the library using NUSearch.