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SPANISH_105-6: Jewish Voices of Spain (Rosenberg): Getting started

Librarians created this course guide specifically for YOU to succeed in FYS Spanish_105-6 'Jewish Voices of Spain'

About this Guide

This guide is designed to support your research assignment on Ladino music. You need to consult at least 5 sources.

Getting started on your research? Not sure how to get started on your assignment? This page features the contact information for two librarians - Michelle for Spanish and Portuguese, and Patrick for Music resources. You can make an appointment with either of us to get individual training on how to search for sources.

The library also offers several online videos that demonstrate how to choose and use keywords to search for different kinds of sources in the library -- two of which are embedded below, but there are tutorials that cover all the research basics.

Librarian for Spanish & Portuguese

Michelle Guittar's picture
Michelle Guittar
Main Library
Northwestern University
1970 Campus Dr
Evanston, IL 60208

Choosing Keywords

Getting started on your research? This video will show you how to come up with keywords based on your research topic.


Music Librarian

Greg MacAyeal's picture
Greg MacAyeal
Music Library
Deering, 2nd floor