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SPANISH_105-6 Women at the Border: The Marginalization of Latinas in the U.S.: Paper 2: Immigration Policy

About your assignment

First, go to the website for Council on Foreign Relations summary of the U.S. Immigration Debate and watch the video. Read the policy stances for Clinton and Trump.

Write about any aspect of Immigration Reform as it relates to one or both of these candidates.

Some possible options:      

  • Compare/contrast the two approaches and explain which candidate has the better plan and why.
  • Choose the plan you prefer, explain the policies outlined, and present the merits of the plan.
    • Explain both advantages and (possible) drawbacks of the plan and why you prefer it.
  • Maybe you do not like either option?  Perhaps you support another candidate’s immigration platform? Explain why. And if you disagree with ALL candidates, offer an alternative proposal.
  • Be creative! Feel free to write about any aspect of Immigration Reform and the political system that includes YOUR thoughts.

Immigration Arguments

U.S. Government Sources

Congressional Research Service Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a division of the Library of Congress that conducts research for the members of Congress as part of the legislative process. The CRS produces public domain reports on major policy issues, many of which are updated regularly. Here are some sources for obtaining CRS reports that may be useful for your paper.