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Classics 101-6: Ancient Roman Economy (Terpstra): Books

Finding books

NUSearch, Northwestern University Library's search tool, can be used to find books and other library resources.   To search for books, it is best to click on the "Books, Images, & More" tab; otherwise, you are likely to be overwhelmed with articles.

Sample Searches:

Roman Trade

Rome AND Trade

(Rome OR "Roman Empire") AND "grain trade"

The advance search may be useful in certain instances: for example, you may want to limit your search to subject headings or other field.    For example, searching "Rome" in the subject field, and "grain" anywhere, produces a much tighter search than simply entering <Rome AND Grain>.

It's also possible to click on "browse search" and browse titles, authors, or subject heading strings.

Using subject headings in NUSerach

Books are all assigned subject terms from a standard vocabulary call Library of Congress Subject headings.   Using these standard subject terms is one way to find materials that might not be found by the keywords you have in mind.   These subject terms are always listed when you display the full record for the book in NUSearch :



To make use of subject headings, you may:

  • Click on a subject term from the record for a particular book you have founds, as in the illustration above;
  • Click on the "browse" search, and browse by subject;
  • Some keyword searches (such as rome AND trade) may best be done using the Advanced Search, and limiting to subject headings, in order to exclude many extraneous results.

Sample subject Heading searches:  

Rome--Economic Conditions 


Retail Trade--Rome

Grain Trade--Rome

Reference Librarian and Subject Specialist

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