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Regulatory Compliance: Books


Interlibrary Loan

Northwestern University Libraries (NUL) has rich resources but sometimes the item you want is checked out, missing, lost, or [gasp!] is something NUL never acquired.  If this is the case, use NUL's Interlibrary Loan service to request an article, book, book chapter, video, or other item not currently available at NUL. Articles or book chapters will be scanned and emailed to you while physical items will be delivered to Schaffner Library (Distance Education students will have items mailed to them). Set up your preferences for a delivery location for physical materials (e.g. books) in your ILL account.

Finding a Book at the Library AKA Using NUsearch

This short video highlights several features of NUSearch, including how to request items be delivered from the bookshelves to the NU library circulation desk of your choice.

Your Librarian

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Anne Zald
Anne Zald
Subjects: Government Information; Social Science Data; Regulatory Compliance; Economics (interim)
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