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ENGLISH_101-6: Pickpockets, Poets, and Other Sad Marvels of City Life (Curdy): Getting Started

One side of a 19th Century City

Literary Research


I grew up in the Chicago area
True: 3 votes (15.79%)
False: 16 votes (84.21%)
Total Votes: 19
I've lived in a city as large or larger than Chicago
True: 12 votes (63.16%)
False: 7 votes (36.84%)
Total Votes: 19
I've checked a book out of Northwestern University Library
True: 3 votes (15%)
False: 17 votes (85%)
Total Votes: 20
I've used interlibrary loan to borrow something from another library
Yes: 3 votes (13.04%)
No: 20 votes (86.96%)
Total Votes: 23

Your Librarian

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