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LibGuides 2.0 Toolkit: Post-Migration

Updating Your Guides

As of Monday, August 4th, all of our guides have migrated to LibGuides 2.0! For the next month, LibGuides 1.0 will continue to be seen and used by our patrons while we work to prepare the new platform for the public launch. Please remember that any changes you make to your guides in the old system will not remain when we launch 2.0 on September 8th. This means if you need to update your guides between now and September 8th, you will need to do so in both systems. 

Libguides 2.0 Migration

Week 1 (August 4-August 8):

  • Web & Mobile prepare LG 2.0 system for guide author access

Week 2 (August 11- August 15):

  • Log in to LibApps. Begin exploring.
  • Review your guides. Is anything wonky going on? Are there any immediate changes you need to make? (example: replacing Rich Text boxes with links and list boxes so you can take advantage of the assets list.) Contact John or Lauren for help.
  • Update your profile box by clicking on LibGuides > LibApps Dashboard > My Profile. Update information, add social media options if you'd like, and if you do not have a photo, please add one!

Week 3 (August 18-August 22):

  • Check your assets by going to LibGuides > Content > Assets. Go to the “Creator” tab and sort by your name.
  • Look for links that are actually databases. Replace that link with one from the A-Z Database List
  • Consolidate any other duplicate assets until guide count is 0
  • Look for links to your v. 1 site. If you created any links to guides, guide pages, or boxes, those may need to be updated. Check the instructions on the toolkit for more information.
  • Begin adding subject categories to your assets
  • Consider which icons should be assigned to your subject’s databases

Week 4 (August 25-August 29):

  • Rework current guides to take advantage of new box types
  • Standard Box – mix and match content
  • Tabbed Box – save space
  • Gallery Box – get creative
  • Banner Boxes – neat design
  • Contribute to the Aardvark Storage Guide

Week 5 (September 1-September 5)

  •  Continue reworking your guides and creating new guides for Fall Quarter

Go live on Monday, September 8th!