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Library Instructors' Toolkit : Scheduling a Space

Scheduling Space

1. Go to the Calendar component of Microsoft Outlook

2. To view a room's availability, click "Open Calendar" and "From Room List."


3. ‚ÄčIf the room you'd like to schedule is available, then click "New Meeting"

4. Next to the "Location" option, click  and type in the name of the room you'd like to schedule. Click OK

5. Select the date and time. If possible, schedule the room at least 15 minutes before the beginning of class. This will give you time to test the equipment and set up.

6. Confirm the room's availability by checking the Available Room List on the right.

7. Complete the rest of the meeting invitation with the class name in the subject area. You may also use this invitation to reserve instruction equipment and to invite other instructors to your class.

8. When the form is complete, click Send. You'll receive an email with the room confirmation.

B234 and B238, Main Library

Classrooms can be scheduled via Outlook calendar. Search for NUL Library Classroom B234, or NUL Library Classroom B238, which are the default instruction classrooms. Arrive a few minutes early to turn on the computers and set up the projector. These rooms can be combined into one larger room. If you would like a demo of classroom equipment, contact any member of the Learning Services Unit.  If rooms are unavailable, see room list below.

B182 PC Classroom, Main Library

To reserve B182 classroom in Main Library, use the RES system to submit a request.  Enter RES, then sign in with netid in the upper right.  To check the availability of B182, select the location tab and search on b182 to retrieve it's schedule.  To request the space, click on Create an Event. 
Access RES

Room List

Space Capacity Technology Reservation Procedure Contact / Questions
B238 (Lower Level, Main Lib) 21 Resident PC; Projection/Screen; Ethernet;  Solstice Projection "NUL Library Classroom B238" in Outlook

B234 (Lower Level, Main Lib) 21 Resident PC; Projection/Screen; Ethernet; Solstice Projection; Workstations/Hands-on "NUL Library Classroom B234" in Outlook
B182 Mac Lab (Lower Level, Main Lib) 31 Resident Mac; Projection/Screen; Ethernet; Workstations/Hands-on B182 in RES 1-HELP, transfers to A&RT Smart Classroom group
B183 Innovation Lab (Lower Level, Main Lib) 16 No resident PC; Projection/Screen;
 Solstice with monitor
NUL-B183 NU Innovation Lab in Outlook  NUIT Teaching & Learning Technologies (2East)
Video Theater 2712 (2South Main Lib) 30 Resident PC; Projection/Screen;
"NUL Video Theater" in Outlook Mitchell Multimedia
Forum Room 2799 (2South Main Lib) 68 Resident PC; Projection/Screen; Ethernet "NUL Forum Room" in Outlook Mitchell Multimedia
Ver Steeg
(3South Main Lib)
41, seated Projection/Screen; Ethernet "NUL Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge" in Outlook Emily Kelley
(3South Main Lib)
16 Resident PC; Projection/Screen; Ethernet "NUL 3746 Seminar Room" in Outlook Mitchell Multimedia
2699A (2East Main Lib) 20

Resident PC; Projection/Screen; Workstations; Ethernet

"NUL CSCDC Collaboration Commons" in Outlook Digital Collections
Large Classroom 2210 (Mudd Library) 60 No resident PC; Solstice with monitors (multiple around the room) NUL-Mudd Library Large Classroom in Outlook  
Small Classroom 2124
(Mudd Library)
16 No resident PC; Solstice with monitors, 4 NUL-Mudd Library Small Classroom in Outlook  


Additional Instructional Spaces