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Library Instructors' Toolkit : Creating a LibGuide

Creating a LibGuide

If the professor has not requested a libguide, decide if one is appropriate. The following are some reasons why you may want to create a libguide that is specifically tailored to your class:

  • It is a first year seminar course in which students are brand new to library research.
  • It is an upper level course with a very narrow focus
  • It is an upper level course with a multidisciplinary focus

Go to the Course Page to see examples of current and past class libguides. 

Go to the LibGuides Toolkit for instructions and ideas on creating guides.

For assistance with creating a class page, contact John Hernandez or Lauren McKeen



Useful links to consider adding to your guide

Get some inspiration from material already created, such as below, to enhance your session or libguide. 


Templates for a freshman level LibGuide:  to see actual examples of freshman-and-other-level guides go to the LibGuides Class page.

Publishing your Course Guide

Embedding Videos

If you'd like to embed one of the Video Tutorials to your libguide, complete the following steps:

  • Add a new box to your libguide. Choose Multimedia - Embedded Media & Widgets
  • Visit the Video Tutorials page on the library's website
  • Select the video you would like to embed
  • Within the video player, right click on the share icon:


  • Choose "copy embed code"
  • Within your libguide box, click "Add Media/Widget Code" 
  • Paste the code within the box. Click Save and Close.
  • If you'd like to resize the box, you can change the width and height dimensions manually:


  • To resize the video, use this aspect ratio calculator. For YouTube videos embedded into the center column, 475x357 is the recommended size.
  • Remember to take advantage of the full-screen viewing option when playing any videos in a class.