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Entering and Checking your Data into Instruction & Events Form: Getting Started

Entering and Checking your Data in Instruction & Events Form

To enter your instruction and event data, use the form at
Please use the Date Stamp field to enter your session or event date.  Do not leave this field blank.  Also please use the Entered By field to enter your name.

You can also enter your data by just logging in with your own login.  Then change active dataset to “Instruction & Events Form” and finally click on “Add Record(s).”

What to include in this form
Please include all library-sponsored events planned for audiences larger than one person.  Events may be for an audience from within or outside of NU.

What not to include in this form
Please do not include events planned for only an internal audience, such as library staff training events.

Multi-session/multi-instance events
Unless you were an event coordinator for a multi-session or multi-instance event, e.g. Wildcat Welcome, Research Resources Form, Explore your Library, etc., do not record an entry.  Event coordinators should enter a record for each tour, class or session taught during an event, to ensure consistency in the form entries.

Event Types

Instruction: (e.g. course-related instruction) learning outcomes or skills-based curricular support for specified audience.

Workshop: (e.g. Endnote) learning outcomes or skills-based, not necessarily for specified audience.

Orientation: (e.g. tours) does not need specific learning outcomes but still seeks to change user behavior.

Presentation: (e.g. outside speaker) occurs in a more formal setting with changes in user behavior not necessarily sought.

Engagement: (e.g. EYL Day, Exhibit openings, info fairs) serves to inform and create positive attitudes within informal settings.

NOTE: Some engagement may not be library-sponsored, such as information fairs coordinated by other campus groups.  However, such events may be entered into this form.

If there are fields in the form that do not apply, please skip and move on to the next field.

To check your already entered instruction and event data, go to

Use your personal login to access Libanalytics--the same login that can be used to enter data into other forms.  That login is your email address.  First time users, click Forgot your password to reset your password.

Once logged in:

1. Change active dataset to Library Instruction & Event Form
2. Click View/Analyze Data
3. Select your name under Entered By
4. Click Generate Reports to view your data

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