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HIST 300-30: Religion and Deviance in Latin America: Reference and Books

Religion and Deviance in Latin America

Searching for Books

Reference books are like discipline-specific encyclopedias that offer brief entries on specific topics related to the theme of the work. Academic books, in general, provide in-depth coverage and scholarly analysis on a topics. Here are a selection of reference books and academic books related to this course.

The library's collection is located in several locations throughout campus as well as in a remote storage facility called the Oak Grove Library Center. Books that are listed as in the Main Library Stacks you can retrieve on your own by using the Book Location Guide above, as well as books that are in the Art, Music, Africana, and Transportation collections. There are separate policies for using Special Collections and Archives materials. 

When in doubt, you can REQUEST any book from the library to be retrieved and held for you at the Circulation desk. Books from Oak Grove require about 24-36 hours before they are delivered, otherwise your requests will be fulfilled usually within 24 hours.

I Just Want to Look Around! AKA Browsing NUsearch

This video will show you how to use NUsearch to browse for materials by topic or author. 


Finding a Book at the Library: AKA Using NUsearch

This video will show you how to find and request a book from the library.


Biographical Tools

Reference Books in the Library

Books on Religion in Latin America