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Equipment Instructions: Microfilm/fiche Scanner & Flatbed Scanner: Flatbed Scanner

Instructions for using equipment located in Deering 101, Government Information Reading Area.

Instructions: EPSON GT15000 Flatbed Scanner (11" x 17" max original)

STEP ONE:  Login to the computer using your NU-NetID or GuestID


STEP TWO: Double click the Epson Scan logo on the computer desktop to open the scanner software.


EpsonScan Icon


The window below will open providing options for color, size, orientation, dpi, and image adjustments.  Make selections for Color, Size and Resolution before clicking the Preview button.

  Epson Menu Hints      

Step Three:  Preview the Scan

When using the Preview Button to create a test image a Preview window will open alongside the Epson Scan Menu.  To correct the image size, click the ZOOM button (top left) and use the mouse to select an area within the preview image.  In this case the selection (inside the dotted lines) will exclude from the final scan the blank area on the left.  Apply image enhancements if needed. 

Step Four:  Scan & Save Image

When the Preview image is as you want it, return to the Scan Menu window and click the SCAN button.  The File Save Settings dialog box will appear; select the Location, Filename, and Filetype for the saved image.


Step Five:  Transfer Files Off the Computer

Copy the files of your scans to a flash/thumb drive OR attach them to an email.  If you leave them on this computer they will be deleted when you logoff.

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