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Faculty Services: Liaison Librarians

Your Library Liaison

Northwestern University Library's liaison librarians are subject specialists who serve as the primary contacts between the library and an academic department, program, or a group of scholars with special research needs.  Liaisons offer numerous specialized services, including discipline-specific research consultations, information about scholarly communication topics, library instruction, and general information on library services.  Liaisons also develop and manage specific subject collections, and may be contacted directly for questions or purchase suggestions.

A list of liaisons can be found here

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Research Consultations

Request in-depth assistance on a research project using this form


contact your subject specialist directly. 

Instructional Services

Faculty may request classroom instruction, specialized instruction, or training sessions on bibliographic software such as EndNote.  For more information or to arrange a session, contact your subject specialist or visit the Instruction Services website. Faculty may also schedule a classroom instruction session by using this online form.

Suggest a Purchase

We value your suggestions. Please feel free to suggest a purchase to the libraries. The information you provide will remain confidential.

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contact your subject specialist directly. 

Subject Specialists

Subject Subject Specialists
Accounting Carol Doyle
African American Studies Kathleen Bethel
African Studies Esmeralda Kale
American Studies Harriet Lightman
Anthropology Scott Garton
Architecture Cara List
Archives Kevin Leonard
Art History, Theory, and Practice Cara List
Asian American Studies Li (Qunying) Li
Asian Languages and Cultures Li (Qunying) Li
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology Steve Adams
Biomedical Engineering Steve Adams
Caribbean Studies Kathleen Bethel
Chemical and Biological Engineering (except Biomedical Engineering) Anna Ren
Chemistry Elsa Alvaro
Civil Engineering Anna Ren
Classics Bill McHugh
Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration Anne Zald
Cognitive Science Steve Adams
Communication Sciences and Disorders Cunera Buys
Communication Studies Lauren McKeen
Comparative Literature Michelle Guittar
Computer Engineering Anna Ren
Computer Science Becca Greenstein
Counseling John Hernandez
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Rachel Cole
Earth and Planetary Sciences Cunera Buys
East Asian Studies Li (Qunying) Li
Economics John Hernandez
Education Li (Qunying) Li
Electrical Engineering Becca Greenstein
Engineering Design Steve Adams
Geoff Morse
Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Becca Greenstein
English Gina Petersen
Environmental Engineering Anna Ren
Environmental Studies Steve Adams
Finance Carol Doyle
French John Dorr
Gender Studies Kathleen Bethel
Geography Ann Aler
Kelsey Rydland
German Harriet Lightman
GIS/Spatial Analysis Ann  Aler
Kelsey Rydland
Global Health Qiana Johnson
Government Information Anne Zald 
History Harriet Lightman
History and Philosophy of Science Cunera Buys
Human Development and Social Policy Li (Qunying) Li
Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Anna Ren
Information Systems Tracy Coyne
Integrated Marketing Communications Carol Doyle
Italian John Dorr
Jewish Studies Shoshanah Seidman
Journalism Chris Davidson
Latin American Studies Michelle Guittar
Latina/o Studies John Hernandez
Learning Sciences Li (Qunying) Li
Legal Studies John Hernandez
Linguistics Geoffrey Morse
Management and Organizations/Management and Strategy Carol Doyle
Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Carol Doyle
Marketing Carol Doyle
Materials Science and Engineering Anna Ren
Mathematics Becca Greenstein
Mechanical Engineering Anna Ren
Media Natalie Pelster
Medical Informatics Tracy Coyne
Middle Eastern Studies Esmeralda Kale

Greg MacAyeal 

Joy Doan

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Anna Ren
Neurobiology and Physiology Steve Adams
Performance Studies Charlotte Cubbage
Philosophy Bill McHugh
Physics and Astronomy Elsa Alvaro
Plant Biology and Conservation Steve Adams
Political Science Jeanette Moss
Predictive Analytics Tracy Coyne
Psychology Steve Adams
Public Policy Qiana Johnson
Radio/Television/Film Joy Doan
Religion Geoffrey Morse
Slavic Languages and Literatures Jeannette Moss
Social Science Data Anne Zald 
Kelsey Rydland
John Hernandez
Sociology Jason Kruse
Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures Michelle Guittar
Special Collections Scott Krafft
Sports Administration Tracy Coyne
Statistics Cunera Buys
Theatre Greg MacAyeal
Transportation Roberto Sarmiento
Turkish Studies John Dorr
Writing Program Jeannette Moss

Contact for Services to Faculty

For information about:

  • Recruiting/interviewing faculty
  • Library info/tours
  • Assessing start-up needs 
  • Acquisition requests


Geoff Morse


your subject specialist


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