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Digital Humanities: Tools


Tools & Platforms

As users, creators, and critics, digital humanists engage with digital tools in order to experiment, research, teach, play and publish. Below are some of the tools humanists at Northwestern are using—most are free and relatively easy to begin working with. A more comprehensive catalog of digital tools can be found at Alan Liu's DH ToyChest and DiRT Directory.


Organize Your Research

  • Archive-It 
    Collect and access cultural heritage on the web | access

  • OpenRefine 
    Clean and transforming messy data

  • Tropy
    Organize and describe photographs of research material | tutorial

  • Zotero 
    Collect, organize, cite, and share research sources | guide


Work With Text


Create Maps & Visualizations


Publish Archives & Web Projects

  • Mukurtu 
    Manage digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways | tutorial

  • NewHive 
    Create web-based cultural and artistic works and narratives | example

  • Omeka 
    Create collections, exhibits, and digital projects | example

  • Reclaim Hosting 
    Web hosting faculty and students own and control

  • Scalar 
    Author long-form, born-digital, multimodal scholarship | tutorial

  • WordPress 
    Publishing websites and multimedia projects | access


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