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CHEM 220. Introductory Instrumental Analysis: Getting Started

Some examples of questions that have to do with finding chemical information

- I want to find methods to clean up oil spills

- What's the dielectric constant of toluene?

- How can I prepare 2-acetoxybenzoic acid

- I need to find the IR spectrum of caffeine


What's your favorite tool for finding chemical information?
Web of Science: 1 votes (3.57%)
Google: 14 votes (50%)
Reaxys: 5 votes (17.86%)
SciFinder: 7 votes (25%)
Other: 1 votes (3.57%)
Total Votes: 28
Have you used SciFinder before?
Yes: 12 votes (46.15%)
No: 14 votes (53.85%)
Total Votes: 26
If a potential employer asked you in a job interview if you know how to find chemical information based on the structure of molecules, how would you rate your answer?
I am the best: 5 votes (17.24%)
So-so: 22 votes (75.86%)
I am doomed: 2 votes (6.9%)
Total Votes: 29

Subject Specialist

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Let's learn how to use SciFinder

  • Build effective topic search queries
  • Utilize the different analyze/refine capabilities available
  • Build structure queries in SciFinder using different methods