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MSRC 498 : Capstone (Beirne / Carroll): Citation Style Guides & Software

Fall 2017

Citation Guidance

Citation Management Software

Citation Management Software allows you to capture, store, organize, and format citations in a wide variety of citation styles.  In addition to the citation information (author, title, publisher, date, etc.) these applications have a variety of features that allow you to work collaboratively, include reading notes, include article full text PDFs, and much more.

NULibraries provides support for EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley.

How to Choose: EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero
This guide provides feature comparisons that can help you choose which application to install and learn.

Below are links to guides with more details on each application, including a link to where to get the software. Use my contact information to make an appointment to review how to use these applications.

EndNote :  NU Libraries has a site license to this software which is available to you (along with upgrades) as long as you are enrolled.  Desktop and web-based versions of the software are available, and your citation database can be synchronized across both versions.

Zotero : a free bibliographic citation manager. Extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox allow you to easily save citations you find online.

Mendeley :  another free bibliographic citation manager.

Workshops: Cite Smarter & Manage Your Research

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