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Summer Academic Workshop: The Pursuit of Happiness (Fischer): Getting Started


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Encyclopedias and background information

Encyclopedias are collections of articles that provide background information on concepts and broader topics. You might think of them as "Wikipedia-like"  They can be good places to start exploring a paper topic. Here are just a few search tools that search across encyclopedias.  In addition, some dictionaries, which provide definitions of words and concepts, might be found through searching here.

Your library research guide!

The resources on this guide can help with researching topics related to happiness.  To the left are some places that you might search to get some broad ideas about directions to go with your research topic.  Additional tabs on finding books, articles, and other kinds of support, can provide even more focus on a specific topic.

Possible keywords for starting a search:

  • happiness
  • happiness and health
  • happiness and art
  • happiness and economics
  • happiness and literature
  • happiness and film
  • happiness and philosophy
  • happiness and politics
  • happiness or well being
  • happiness studies