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POLI_SCI_101-6: Global Environmental Politics (Prof. Suiseeya): Quick Poll

Quick Poll

Your searching library databases to address the topic: "Is northern China experiencing desertification?" What might be a good keyword search to try?
Is northern China experiencing desertification: 0 votes (0%)
desertification in northern china: 3 votes (14.29%)
desertification AND northern china: 18 votes (85.71%)
desertification: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 21

Quick Poll 2

Words listed out in a record for an article or book that may lead to additional related articles or books, or give you suggestions for new words to search on, are:
Abstracts: 0 votes (0%)
Citations: 4 votes (19.05%)
Subject terms or Descriptor terms: 17 votes (80.95%)
Total Votes: 21

Quick Poll 3

To find search for and find books in Northwestern University Libraries, use the tool:
Academic Search Premier: 1 votes (4.76%)
NUsearch: 20 votes (95.24%)
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts: 0 votes (0%)
Google Scholar: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 21