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PHIL_109-6: First-Year Seminar: Realism and Idealism (Zuchert): NUSearch

NUSearch: Books and Articles

NUSearch, Northwestern University Library's search tool, can be used to find books and other library resources.   NUSearch is most readily searched in the search box from the Library's home page:


NUSearch consists of two main parts:

  • Books, Images, and More: The database for the books owned by the library, plus videos, sound recordings, digitized images, and other resources.  Contains the journals and magazines owned by the library, but not listings of individual articles.
  • Articles: Many, but not by any means all, of the articles in journals owned by the library.  However, there are also many other databases for finding articles that may be more useful to you.

This division is more apparent if you go to the advanced search:

More information on using NUSearch is available in these guides:

Reference Librarian and Subject Specialist

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