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Mendeley Support: Using Mendeley with Word Processing Programs

Using Mendeley with Word Processing Programs

Once you have citations in Mendeley, the next step is to add them to your document.  

  • If you're using Mendeley with LaTeX/BibTeX, refer to this guide for instructions.
  • If you're using Mendeley with Word, log in, and the Citation Plug-In for Microsoft Word will be available to download.  After you've downloaded the plug-in, the References tab in Word will have a section of the toolbar dedicated to Mendeley.


Inserting Citations

Inserting a Single Citation

1. To insert a citation using Mendeley, first select a style from the dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow.  We'll choose American Psychological Association.  

2. Place your cursor in the Word document at the point where you'd like to insert the citation, and add a space so your references don't get smushed.

3. Then, click on Insert Citation.  

3. In the box that pops up, you can search for papers in your Mendeley library using the title, author, or year.  

4. After you've conducted the search, highlight the resource you'd like to cite (here, I've cited the Esslin paper) and click OK.  

5. A citation to the Esslin paper is now in your paper, where your cursor is located.

Inserting Multiple Citations

6. To insert more than one citation in a single spot, follow Steps #1-3 above.  After you search for the first paper you'd like to cite, text will appear prompting you to search for additional reference.  You can then search for the second paper (the Marrow paper for me), then click OK.

7. Citations to the Esslin and Marrow papers will appear together in the text.

Inserting Bibliographies

Once you have inserted the references into your paper in Microsoft Word, you can add a bibliography. 

1. Position your cursor at the end of your paper, where you would like to insert a bibliography.

2. Click on Insert Bibliography.

3. A bibliography, formatted according to the citation style you've selected, will be inserted at your cursor.

4. You can format the bibliography like you would any other text.  You can change the alignment, font, font size, and/or give your bibliography a title.  Here is my finished paper and bibliography.