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Mendeley Support: Adding citations

Adding Citations

You can add a citation to Mendeley in three ways:

  • from NUsearch
  • manually
  • from a library database 

This section of the research guide will walk you through all three processes. 

Adding Citations from NUsearch

1. To add a citation from NUsearch, first Sign in using your NetID and password so you can save citations to your e-Shelf.

2. Once you're logged in, type your search terms into the box and click Search.

3. Once your search results are displayed, add resources to your e-Shelf by clicking on the stars next to the useful resources.

4. Click on e-Shelf in the upper right hand corner to view your saved results.

5. Select the records you'd like to add to Mendeley by clicking in the checkboxes.

6. Use the dropdown menu to select Push to RISPushTo, then select Go.

7. In the pop-up window (ignore the EndNote title), make sure UTF-8 is selected from the dropdown menu, then click OK.

Follow Steps 8 and 9 for Chrome

8. If you're using Chrome, the file will then download (mine is Export #8).  Open your Downloads folder and your Mendeley program.


9. Drag the downloaded file into Mendeley.  Your newly exported references will then appear with the other ones in your library.

Follow Step 10 for Firefox

10. If you're using Firefox, you'll have to select Mendeley Desktop from the list of Other... programs in the dropdown menu.  Once you click OK, the records will be added to your Mendeley library.

Follow Step 11 for Safari

11. If you're using Safari, the file will download in the list of downloads in the toolbar.  Drag the download into your Mendeley library.

Adding Citations Manually

1. To add a citation manually, click on the Add dropdown arrow in Mendeley, then click Add Entry Manually.

2. In the New Document window, select the resource type, enter the relevant information, then click Save.

3. The new reference has now been added to your library.

Adding Citations from a Library Database

1. To add a citation from a database, start by conducting a search in the database such as the one below.  This example uses JSTOR, but the process is similar for most library databases.

2. Once you've conducted your search, check the boxes next to the citations you wish to export to Mendeley.  Then click on the dropdown arrow next to Export Selected Citations and click on Export a RIS File.

3. From here, the process differs depending on your browser.  Follow the steps outlined in the Adding Citations from NUsearch section of this research guide to add the exported citation(s) into your Mendeley library.