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Awards and Recognition: Judging


In the first year, a jury of seven [7] will be selected consisting of 2 representatives from each of the service councils (Information Management, User Services and Organizational Services) and 1 representative from the Organizational Development work group.  

In subsequent years members of the jury will be the award winners of the past 2 years, plus any additional judges needed to make a jury of seven [7], selected from the service councils. In the event there is a team that wins only 1 member of the team needs to participate. The jury can proceed if the number of winners from the 2 previous years are more than seven [7].

Judges will score nominations and entries individually, and the results will be averaged. The two highest scoring entries in each category will be discussed by the judges as a group. Judges must come to a unanimous decision.

The judges are not required to select a recipient if, in their opinion, no nomination merits the award in a given year.