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United Nations Research Guide: Research Tips

Guide to information created by the UN and the UN Family of Organizations. Grateful acknowledgement to Jim Church, University of California Berkeley Libraries, whose work is the basis for this guide.

Finding Books and Articles about the United Nations

To find books about the UN, its work, and the UN family of organizations, use the "Books, Images & More" tab of NUSearch or Google Books under the name of the organization or a topic it addresses. To find articles you can also use NUSearch, databases, or journals & magazines like those listed below.   NGOs (see the section in this guide) also follow the UN and its work and point users to key documents.  

Short Cuts and Tricks

The UN publishes an immense amount of material, much of which is ephemeral. One trick is to rely on expert summaries that can be found in the following sources:

Learn about the UN

Another method is to do find research written about the UN in political science, public policy, and international relations databases like these listed beow.

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