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ENGLISH 105-6: Literatures of Addiction (Carmichael): Quick Poll

Question 1

In a library database, what keyword search would you type into the search box to begin searching on the topic of the relationship between personality and addiction?
personality AND addiction: 23 votes (95.83%)
personality OR addiction: 0 votes (0%)
relationship between personality and addiction: 1 votes (4.17%)
Total Votes: 24

Question 2

Which of the following can provide description for a book or article as well as provide additional words and terms to expand or redirect your search?
citation: 0 votes (0%)
abstract: 1 votes (4.55%)
subject terms: 2 votes (9.09%)
abstract and subject terms: 19 votes (86.36%)
Total Votes: 22

Question 3

Winter, K. (2016). Coproduction of Scientific Addiction Knowledge in Everyday Discourse. Contemporary Drug Problems, 43(1), 25-46.
This citation represents a book: 0 votes (0%)
This citation represents a journal article: 20 votes (86.96%)
This citation represents a book chapter: 3 votes (13.04%)
Total Votes: 23