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ENGLISH 105-6: Literatures of Addiction (Carmichael): Books

Finding books with NUsearch (Video)

Finding Books

Book Location Guide

Searching with keywords

Keyword searching with one or a few words or phrases is a great way to start your research.  It's flexible and forgiving.  The challenge may be that the search can yield too few, too many, or a certain number of irrelevant results.  However, a good keyword search can also find great results and lead to good subject headings!


"alcohol addiction" AND cost  [narrow search]
alcohol AND addiction AND cost  [broader search]
alcohol AND (addiction OR abuse) AND cost  [broadest search]

Searching with subject headings

Subject headings or pre-defined "controlled vocabulary" terms or phrases are assigned to every book or article you find in NUsearch or a particular database.  If you don't know what subject headings to search, a keyword search can lead you to those important headings (sometimes called descriptors). The right subject headings can yield relevant search results.  In addition, you can narrow down to sub-headings or sometimes even jump to broader or related subjects.

Examples of subject headings in NUsearch:

Substance abuse -- Social aspects -- United States

Substance-Related Disorders -- Economics