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Tech Tools: Assessment Tools

Polling with Libguides Poll Box

I have used polling software for instruction
Yes: 7 votes (46.67%)
No: 8 votes (53.33%)
Total Votes: 15
I consider myself, relatively, an early adopter of new library technologies
True: 7 votes (53.85%)
False: 6 votes (46.15%)
Total Votes: 13
Of these things I most enjoy
A. Answering a thorny research question: 2 votes (15.38%)
B. Eliciting a smile and sigh of relief from a beleaguered undergraduate in need of resources: 9 votes (69.23%)
C. Sifting through GOBI and other book selection tools to shape a perfect collection: 0 votes (0%)
D. Assisting faculty and students with technology questions: 2 votes (15.38%)
Total Votes: 13
I prefer to read books in paper rather than electronic format
True: 11 votes (78.57%)
False: 3 votes (21.43%)
Total Votes: 14

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