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Africana Primary Sources: Posters

Africana Posters in the Herskovits Library

Scanned Posters in the Repository

Posters from the Herskovits Library

The Herskovits Library maintains a comprehensive collection of posters published in Africa and elsewhere. The posters provide a unique resource to carry on research in a broad range of disciplines by consulting the visual image created by governments (independent and colonial) and international agencies, as well as political, labor, social, religious, educational and cultural organizations. On this web site, 590 posters, selected as a representative sampling of the collection, are available for searching and viewing.

Search Our Catalog for All Posters

Not all of our posters have been scanned, but all have been cataloged by subject. You can use NUsearch to search all of our Africana posters (scanned and unscanned, over 4700 total) for specific topics, or just to browse the entire listings. 

In NUsearch, click the "Advance Search" option (next to the "magnifying glass" icon). Then:

  1. Choose the "Africana Posters" option along the top of the screen.
  2. Choose the "Call number" option
  3. Enter "960 post"
  4. If you are searching for a specific topic, add it in the additional field.
  5. Click "Search"

If your search results include any posters which have already been scanned, those records will include a link to view the poster online.

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