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Africana Primary Sources: Government Publications

Government Publications

Sources of government information (Debates/Hansards/Hearings/Proceedings) are generated by both African countries and countries which have an interest in these regions. The Herskovits Library has extensive holdings of these resources for most of the countries in Africa.

For more information about using government sources, as well as useful internet links, see this book chapter online:

  • "Official Publications" by Mattias Åkesson. In: Studying Africa: a guide to the sources, ed. Marianne Andersson, Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, 2014, 3, 59-64.

African Countries

Search for government documents by title/kind and country. When in NUsearch, click the "Advanced Search" option (next to the "magnifying glass" icon). Then input your search terms as follows:

  1. Indicate the kind of document you're looking for (debate, hansard, hearing, proceedings, etc.) 
  2. Add the country you're interested in
  3. Click the "Search" button.

For example, to find Hansards from Malawi, you'd set your search terms as follows:

Non-African Countries

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