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Eng 105: Writing about Community and Diversity (Hirsch): Quick Poll

Quick Poll Questions about the Videos

You're using library databases to research the popularity of the show Orange is the New Black. What would you type into the search box?
why is orange is the new black so popular: 0 votes (0%)
orange is the new black: 1 votes (3.13%)
orange is the new black popular: 4 votes (12.5%)
"orange is the new black" and popular: 27 votes (84.38%)
Total Votes: 32
In library databases, browsable or searchable vocabulary terms used to represent concepts, topics, or keywords might be called:
subject terms: 26 votes (96.3%)
full text: 0 votes (0%)
citations: 0 votes (0%)
abstracts: 1 votes (3.7%)
Total Votes: 27
Willoughby, Teena. "A Short-Term Longitudinal Study Of Internet And Computer Game Use By Adolescent Boys And Girls: Prevalence, Frequency Of Use, And Psychosocial Predictors." Developmental Psychology 44.1 (2008): 195-204. This citations is for:
A book: 1 votes (3.13%)
A book chapter: 10 votes (31.25%)
An article: 21 votes (65.63%)
Total Votes: 32