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ENGLISH_105-6: Reading and Writing Stories from the Margins (Hirsch): Quick Poll

Quick Poll Questions about the Videos

You're using library databases to research health services provided in prison. What search might be the best choice?
prison healthcare: 4 votes (19.05%)
prison and healthcare: 2 votes (9.52%)
prison and services and (healthcare or "mental health"): 2 votes (9.52%)
both the 2nd or 3rd choice could work: 13 votes (61.9%)
Total Votes: 21
In library databases, browsable or searchable vocabulary terms used to represent concepts, topics, or keywords might be called:
subject terms: 16 votes (100%)
full text: 0 votes (0%)
citations: 0 votes (0%)
abstracts: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 16
Barta, William, et al. "Promoting A Sustainable Academic-Correctional Health Partnership: Lessons For Systemic Action Research." Systemic Practice & Action Research 29.1 (2016): 27-50.
This citation is for a book: 0 votes (0%)
This citation is for a book chapter: 5 votes (29.41%)
This citation is for an article: 12 votes (70.59%)
Total Votes: 17