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Pol Sci 398 Honors Seminar (Alter): Books

Finding books

Use NUsearch, Northwestern University Library's new catalog, to find books, documents, video, sound recordings, and other items across both the Evanston and Chicago campus libraries of Northwestern University. You can search for books on your topic, using either the Subject Heading search or one of the Keyword search options. You may need to use broader, less specific terms than you would when searching one of the article databases.

Also, remember to use NUcat to verify whether or not the NU Libraries have access to items you identified using the article databases. The "Find It @ NU" button works very well in locating journal articles, but you will need to check in NUcat for articles the button can't find. Use the Journal Title search and type in the name of the journal or magazine, not the name of the article. If a citation is for an association paper or other report, try a guided search in NUcat on either the title, name of institute, or name of association.

Search examples:

   Sample keyword search: 

police and (protest* OR riot*) and (brutality OR shoot* OR kill*) and (media OR news OR press)                                           


Subject Guide

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