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Eno Board User's Guide: Setting Up

A guide for Eno Board users

Eno Interactive White Board

Eno Board Location

Eno Interactive White Boards for patron use are located in the group study rooms 227 & 301 of the Mudd Library.

They are available during normal library hours and you need to make a reservation for those rooms through the links below:

Mudd Room 227

Mudd Room 301

Setting Up

Before You Beging

  • Check out eno board remote control, eno board wireless keyboard and eno pen at the Mudd Library circulation desk. If you only need to use eno board as a projector, you just need to check out the eno board remote control.
  • Use remote control to turn on the eno board projector.
  • Turn on the eno board residence computer.
  • Uncap the eno Stylus pen. (Wait about 2 minutes for the pen to pair with the board.)
  • Turn the wireless keyboard switch to ON position.
  • Connect VGA video cable from the eno board projector to your laptop if you prefer to use your own computer.

During your work

  • To calibrate and align the eno projector at any time, tap the Projection Mode Icon  with eno pen. Mark the center of each target with eno pen when it shows up.
  • To toggle between your laptop and residence computer, push the Source botton on the remote, select the desired video input and then press Return.
  • To save your work, please save it either on a portable device or on your laptop. Work saved on the residence computer will be erased regularly unless notifed.

After You Finish

  • Push eno board remote control power button twice to turn it off.
  • Turn off the residence computer.
  • Clean up the eno board if you used dry erase marker on the board (never use permanent marker on the eno board!)
  • Return eno board remote, remote keyboard and eno pen to the Mudd circulation desk.


Administrative Assistant

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