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Political Science, 101-6-20 Why are Some Countries Richer Than Others?: Countries

Country Studies

Economist Intelligence Unit
The country reports from the EIU provide a basic overview of the political and economic stability of the country as well as a forecast for the coming year. An outline of the political system and major political parties is provided along with basic demographic and environmental information. Charts and graphs included in these reports provide basic economic indicators and there are also sections on fiscal policy, monetary policy, and economic growth.
World Bank: Countries and Regions
Profiles and reports on over 100 developing economies.
  • Europa world.
    This work provides introductory and statistical surveys as well as overviews of the government, political parties, the constitution, judicial system, diplomatic representation, religion, press, publishers, radio and television, finance, trade and industry, transport, and tourism of countries of the world.
  • Department of State Background Notes
    The Department of State background notes include basic statistical and geographic information as well as information on the history, government and political conditions of the country as well as its economy, foreign relations, and basic travel information.
  • The world factbook
    Country profiles including information on geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
  • ISI emerging markets
    ISI Emerging Markets is an "on-line information service that provides financial, political and economic information on emerging markets." This is a good resource for finding economic and business information on a specific country.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics
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