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Map & Large Format Document Scanning: Scanning Policy & Use

Contex HD Ultra i4250s Government, Geospatial & Data Services

Scanner Access Policy

Northwestern University Library Scanner Access & Use Policy

  1. Access to the Contex Large Format Scanner is offered to students, faculty and university staff.
  2. All materials to be scanned must be from the NU Library collection, or have a demonstrated research, instructional, non-commercial purpose.
  3. All materials to be scanned must be evaluated as to the condition and suitability so as not to damage the item or the scanner.
  4. Staff assistance is required for use of the Contex scanner.
  5. To request assistance, please contact

Scanning Help

Contact us at



Contex HD Ultra i4250s Color Scanner

Offers Hi-Resoultion imaging of NU collection's maps, posters and other large format documents.


Maximum Scan Width:   42 inch (1067 mm)
Scanning Speeds: 
4,0 (inch/second) 200 RGB Color
2,0 (inch/second) 200 dpi grayscale/monochrome

Map & Large Format Scanning

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