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Culture Change and Learning Organization Project: Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

Here we will be collecting articles, book titles, and websites dealing with the topic of Appreciative Inquiry.

The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry / Sue Annis Hammond

This book has been purchased and is available for browsing in the Personnel Office.


"The Promise of Appreciative Inquiry in Library Organizations" by Maureen Sullivan

A fifteen page paper about applying Appreciative Inquiry in libraries.

"A Positive Approach to Change: The Role of Appreciative Inquiry in Library and Information Organisations" by Trica Kelly

Another fifteen pages about using Appreciative Inquiry to manage change and adaptation in learning organizations.  This addresses some concerns as well as the benefits.

"Appreciative Inquiry at 20" - interview with David Cooperride by Jennifer Salopek

Very short!  Two page interview with David Cooperrider, pioneer in appreciative inquiry. Cooperrider believed that organizational development field should not lag behind a deficit-based theory of change. He stressed that appreciative inquiry addresses the fundamental facts of human life including exceptionality, essentiality, and equality.







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