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Culture Change and Learning Organization Project: Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council acts as a sounding board for the Steering Committee as key issues and plans are developed. Members have been asked to assist with research and

Elizabeth Adamczyk,

Steve Adams,

Eli Brooke,

Katie Brown,

Daniel von Brighoff,

Cunera Buys,

Carolyn Caizzi,

Chris Davidson,

Stacey Devine,

Joe Ellison,

Elizabeth Fraser,

Scott Garton,

Florence Heady,

Benn Joseph,

Lauren McKeen,

Tom McMahon,

Sibylle Mittelsdorf,

Geoff Morse,

Michael North,

Sue Oldenburg,

Janet Olson,

Ted Quiballo,

Matt Stork,

Geoff Swindells,

Bob Trautvetter,