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Library Instructors' Toolkit : Framework 6

Assessment examples

Framework:  Searching as Strategic Exploration

Assessment examples for a class using primary and secondary resources to conduct research

Exercises for end of class (would work well in Google forms)

#1 If I need commentary about an occurrence from witnesses of that time I could use:

  1. America History & Life
  2. Proquest Historical Newspapers
  3. JSTOR
  4. EBSCO


Alternately, create a short answer question (also works in Google forms), and let students write in name of a database.


#2 For a credibly sourced overview of a well-known event I could search for:

  1. A scholarly article
  2. A scholarly encyclopedia article
  3. A scholarly book
  4. Historical newspapers

Alternately create a short answer question—I actually think the short answer question format is superior for assessment, because there’s no prompting involved (as our students have pointed out to me more than once “we’re good test takers”).