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CTD: Composition and Rhetoric (Ozer): A few questions...

Question 1

Which of the following research tools might be a good place to start for finding journal or magazine articles across many subjects?

Question 1
NUcat, the library catalog: 1 votes (12.5%)
Academic Onefile: 6 votes (75%)
Lexis Nexis Academic: 0 votes (0%)
Gale Virtual Reference Library: 1 votes (12.5%)
Total Votes: 8

Question 2

You are researching global warming and its effects on water-related natural disasters.  Your keyword search might look something like this:

Question 2
natural disasters global warming: 0 votes (0%)
"global warming" and (drought or flood*): 7 votes (77.78%)
"global warming" and drought) or flood*: 0 votes (0%)
"global warming" or drought or flood: 2 votes (22.22%)
Total Votes: 9

Subject Guide

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