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POLI SCI 101-6:Politics of Religious Freedom: Minorities, Rights, & Law (Hurd): Using the main search box

Using the main search box

The search box on the library home page allows you to search across a wide array of content held at the Northwestern Libraries and available online. While not a comprehensive selection of material a search in the Main Library's search box will return a good selection of material in a variety of formats. Below is a brief example of how one might use the search box to get an idea of what is available on a specific topic:

  1. Start by entering one or more search terms in the search box:
  2. Use the facets on the left side of the screen to narrow your search results. In this example we will limit to Peer Reviewed Journals but you can also limit by Availability, Location, Subject, Creation Date, Language, Author/Creator:
  3. The status message will tell you if the article is available online:
  4. If the status of the item is Full text available just click on the linked title to gain access to the full article:
  5. If you are taken to a page like the one below simply click on one of the links to get to the full article:
  6. The article launches in a new window:

Watch a short video on using the Main search box!

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