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GIS: Geographic Information Systems: 2008 GIS Day

Northwestern University Library's GIS guide.


gisdayGIS Day ( is a global event where thousands of users of geographic information system (GIS) technology open their doors to schools, businesses, and the general public to showcase real-world applications of this exciting technology.

Date: Thu, Nov. 20, 2008
Time: 10am to 5pm
Place: Main University Library, level 1

Schedule of Events:
- On-demand software demonstration, Q & A:  11am - 5pm
- Geography/Map challenge: 10am - 5pm
- GIS project poster presentations: 10am - 5pm

Poster & Map Presenters:
- Emily Yates & Pati Vitt, Chicago Botanic Garden
- Marcelo Lascano, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
- GEODE Initiative, School of Education and Social Policy
- Geog 343, Geographic Information Systems, Class of Spring 2008
- Professor Leemore Dafny, Business
- Professor Harold Gulley, Communication
- Professor John Hudson, Geography
- Professor Lawrence Pinto, Neurobiology & Physiology
- Professor Wesley Skogan, Political Science
- Scott Garton, Reference, Library
- Chieko Maene, Govinfo, Library
- & Election 2008 maps in news

Special Thanks to:
Beth Clalusen; Bob Michaelson, Clare Roccaforte; Dave Strain, Harriet Lightman & IT dept (Library), Geography Program, GEODE Initiative/SESS, USGS, and Erin Ramirez, Erin O'Donnell & Caitlyn Mitchell (ESRI)

Main Organizers:
Government Information Dept. Library
Chieko Maene, Maps & GIS
Chris Davidson, International
Emily Head, Federal
Geoff Swindells, Head
Kathleen Murphy, Data Services
Mildred Narh, Student Assistant
Sui Zhang, Data Services


Our "Burma Shave" signs #1 (click to enlarge) Our "Burma Shave" signs #2 (click to enlarge)
Display 1 Display 2
Display 3 Display 4 - Geography & Env. Sci.
Display 5 - Geog343 Display 6 - Geog343
Display 7 - Geog343 Display 8
Display 9 Display 10 - Election maps
Display 11 Display 12
Display 13 - Chicago Botanic Garden Display 14 - GEODE Initiative
Display 15 - Communication Display 16 - Political Science, Business, Nanobiology & Physiology, and Engineering
Display 17 - Reference & Govinfo, NUL Geog343 Final Project - Alex
Geog343 Final Project - Alyssa Geog343 Final Project - Anne
Geog343 Final Project - Christine Geog343 Final Project - Emily
Geog343 Final Project - James Geog343 Final Project - Jason
Geog343 Final Project - Kay Geog343 Final Project - Kevin
Geog343 Final Project - Mark Geog343 Final Project - Perry
Geog343 Final Project - Seva Geog343 Final Project - Tim
Geog343 Final Project - Tyler

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