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GIS: Geographic Information Systems: NU Licensed Data

Northwestern University Library's GIS guide.

NU Licensed Data

  • ReferenceUSA - a useful resource which provides Latitude (Y), and Longitude (X) coordiates as well as addresses for geocoding!
    ReferenceUSA is a business database with Information on over ten million U.S. companies. You can search by company name, geographic area, business type, SIC code, yellow page listing, revenue, location, number of employees or any combination of the above. In addition, each entry includes officer names and titles, corporate affiliation, business type and size of yellow page advertising. Download the data (50 records at a time) - be sure to select "detailed" records to include geographic coordinates (lat/lon) of the businesses.
  • CMAP Land Use Inventory for Northeastern Illinois Counties (1990, 2001, 2005)
    Created by CMAP (Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, formerly known as NIPC), this historical dataset comprises of Polygon Shapefiles indicating land use of northeastern Illinois counties. 
    Access Constraints: NU Member Only - Ask the Map Specialist for more information about data access.
  • Geolytics Census CDs
    We have almost complete sets of Geolytics products - check our NUcat for the complete holdings of Geolytics products.
    Access Constraints: NU Member Only. Ask for data at Reference Desk, or email the Map Specialist.
  • Global GIS Database CDs
    The USGS Global Geographic Information System (GIS) database readily available to educators and the general public in the form of a DVD based world atlas. The USGS Global GIS database contains a wealth of USGS and other public domain data at a nominal scale of 1:1 million. Ask for data at Reference Desk.
  • China Historical Census CDs
    Historical Chinese census population datasets are available on CD and from a web subscription service. To find the data in NUcat, conduct a keyword search using "All China Marketing Research Co". We also subscribe to their online database, China Data Online.
    Access Constraints: NU Member Only. Ask for data at Reference Desk.