Library New Hire Onboarding : Introduction

This onboarding guide provides important milestones for both employee and supervisor in the critical first three months of employment.

Welcome to the Northwestern University Library

World Languages WelcomeWe are happy to have you "on board" with the Northwestern University Library. The Onboarding Guide to the Northwestern Library is a road map for the first three months of employment. It is intended as a tool for both the new employee and his or her supervisor. The Guide outlines the important steps and information needed to effectively navigate as a library employee.

Onboarding tasks and critical information are presented in a timeline.

  • Offer Accepted - Once an employment offer is accepted, the onboarding process can begin. This process provides key first steps and initial contacts for the future employee.
  • Pre-Arrival - Completing  some of the logistical tasks prior to arrival can help pave the way for a smooth first day!
  • General Logistics - Library and campus maps, parking, transportation, and housing links.
  • Day One - On your first day with the University, be sure to review these important tasks.
  • First Two Weeks - After you have survived your first day, it's time to get settled in.
  • First Month - Continue your orientation and learn more about the Library structure.
  • Three Months - Review performance and sign-off on the Onboarding process.

You will notice two columns in each of the timeline driven Onboarding sections: For the Employee, For the Supervisor. The tasks and information are assigned to the responsible party, but please review both lists. All content in the Onboarding Guide is important, but please pay particular attention to the following symbols (checkmarkEmployee and orange dotSupervisor).

Additional Onboarding Guides

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Library Personnel Office

During the first three months of employment, the Library Personnel Office will assist with the Onboarding process and will be communicating with both the new employee and the supervisor during this period.


Contact Jan Hayes, Personnel Librarian 847-491-2882 or

Library Personnel

The Library Personnel Staff are your guides in the Onboarding process. Contact us with questions, ideas, and conversation.

 Jan HayesJan Hayes, Personnel Librarian

Jan is the department head and handles staff recruitment and professional development.

As department head, you know meetings are part of Jan's daily routine, so the best way to reach Jan is via email.   

Phone: 847-491-2882 


Florence Heady Florence Heady, Library Personnel Assistant

Florence is the "go-to" person for student employment. 

You will get to know Florence quickly, as she is a wealth of information and always a friendly face - and voice. Florence is happy to take phone calls and email, so contact her through either method. 

Phone: 847-491-7668


Carly MullikenCarly Mulliken, Library Personnel Specialist 

We welcomed Carly to the Northwestern Libraries on October 28, 2103.

Carly is best contacted via emal and believes in an open door policy.  So, if you are in the area and want to drop in - if the door is open, come.

Phone: 847-467-4037


Personnel Office General Contact

Location: 1970 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847-491-7668
Fax: 847-467-1284



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