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This onboarding guide provides important milestones for both employee and supervisor in the critical first three months of employment.


We are happy to have you "on board" with Northwestern University Libraries. The onboarding guide is a road map for the first three months of employment. It is intended as a tool for both the new employee and his or her supervisor. The guide outlines the important steps and information needed for the new employee's integration into the Northwestern community and the library.

You will notice two columns in each of the timeline-driven onboarding sections: For the Employee and For the Supervisor. The tasks and information are assigned to the responsible party, but please review both lists. All content in the onboarding guide is important, but please pay particular attention to the following symbols: checkmark(Employee) and orange dot(Supervisor).

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Organizational Development Office

The Library Organizational DevelopmentStaff are your guides in the onboarding process. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments!

 Jan HayesJan Hayes, Director, Organizational Development

Jan is the department head and handles staff recruitment and professional development. As department head, you know meetings are part of Jan's daily routine, so the best way to reach Jan is via email.   

Phone: (847) 491-2882 

Florence Heady Florence Heady, Library Organizational Development Assistant

Florence is the "go-to" person for student employment. You will get to know Florence quickly, as she is a wealth of information and always a friendly face - and voice. Florence is happy to take phone calls, IM (Skype for Business) and email, so contact her through either method. 

Phone: (847) 491-7668

Stephanie Laguens, Training Specialist-Organizational Development

 Stephanie can  help you with staff training, onboarding and librarian recruitment. If you have any questions about 
 any of these, she can be reached by phone or email.

 Phone: (847) 467-5359


Sarah C Johnson, Organizational Development Manager
Sarah manage's  the recruitment process; participates in the planning and implementation of the library organizational development, and leads the Library’s Staff Development Committee; manages employee relations issues. Send Sarah an email or call her on the phone , she is here to assist you.

Phone: (847) 467-4037


Organizational Development Office General Contact

1970 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 491-7668
Fax: (847) 467-1284